Furniture needs some loving too: 3 Tips to Prolong Product Life

The sun produces extremely harmful rays, not only for humans, but for inanimate objects as well. If you have ever been interested in purchasing outdoor furniture, the thought of sun damage probably crossed your mind once or twice, and sadly, sun damage is practically inevitable. Much like sun rays affect our skin, they affect outdoor furniture as well. No matter how much sunscreen we may lather on, eventually some rays will make their way to our skin and the only way to eliminate damage would be to remain in a room with no windows (or special tinted windows). Now, that's just unrealistic right? Who wants to be stuck inside all day? The same goes for furniture, the only way to eliminate sun damage is to just not have outdoor furniture. Again, pretty unrealistic unless you have a passion for eating and sitting on the floor.

So, let's get into how to protect your lovely furniture from the sun.

  1. Invest in custom made covers:
    1. Yes, you are probably grunting and rolling your eyes thinking… “I have to buy something ELSE…” and sorry to tell you but YES. Think of it this way, if you don’t invest in them now, you may have to invest in brand new pieces in a couple of years, so save some money later and GET THE COVERS.
  2. If you’re on a budget, simply store the cushions when they are not in use. The wicker and stainless steel products can withstand much more sun exposure, so prioritize. Maybe you have a shed you can put them in, or like I do, in the garage.
    1. If you’re worried about the accumulation of dust on them, just toss the covers into some water or wash them! WARNING, DO NOT MACHINE DRY THE COVERS.
  3. Finally, there is often surprise when people realize the glass tops experience fading as well, but I told you… the sun is powerful people. Don’t stress, these are easy to protect. Take an old bed sheet and place it over the table… ta daa! If the weather forecast says hail, well luckily they are easily removable and can be placed to the side until the storm passes.

Now if you made it this far it's because you really care about what you put your money into, and you should. All our products are weather resistant, but unfortunately prolonged sun exposure can take a toll on products over time. They can last a lifetime, but just like your skin, it’s all depends on how you take care of your products.

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