Outdoor Furniture 101: Types of Wicker & How to Choose the Best One

Who else has no idea what High-Dense Polyethylene (HDPE for short) means?

Well, let me tell you that you aren’t alone. So many products come with complicated, not so easy to understand specifications that many of us interpret as… well… “it sounds super high-tech, so I’m gonna take it as that.” For instance, with food, take your favorite snack that is branded as “low-fat”, that is great and all (keeping up with those new year's resolutions), but what exactly does it mean? How is it better for me than the regular kind?

Well, that’s exactly what I am here to tell you. Yes, HDPE is a much better furniture material, and not just for its “smart” sounding name. Below, I will let you know the benefits of what you are purchasing.

So what is HDPE resin? Well, it’s actually a high-quality synthetic resin material that actually imitates the look of real resin. So it isn’t actual resin, but rather a copy… a much better one might I add. HDPE is super dense and often has color variations partially as a result of the way it is produced. Additionally, it is a much more durable material that can undergo the harsh weather conditions of snow, rain, hail, and prolonged sun exposure.

So let's summarize, HDPE beneficial qualities include:

  • Sleek matte finishes
    • You can actually ensure it is high quality HDPE when it has matte finishes rather than glossy
  • UV protection
    • Usually HDPE materials are treated with UV protection during production, and don’t worry because a little scratch won’t rub it off
  • Strong and Durable
    • It typically will not break as long as you aren’t willingly trying to damage the product
  • Quick Drying

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